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Checklists vs To-Do Lists: What Should Homecare Use?

February 24, 2022
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When it comes to being efficient, everyone has their own routines, and quite often, ‘lists' are one of the first things that come to mind. Checklists and to-do lists are often used loosely. After all, they are both lists for manage tasks right?

Knowing the difference between them is going to boost your productivity to get things down faster and better. To-do Lists are for your day, Checklists are for your tasks.

A To-do List, Manages Your Day

It is the ‘what to do' part of your day. To-do lists are created as reminders to complete all your daily tasks.They're broader, more general compared to the checklist (more specific). It's purpose is to make your day more productive and to stop wasting your time.

Impromptu in design, To do-lists helps you focus your vision on the important tasks of the day. What to-do lists DON'T do is improve the quality of your task (how well you do it). They are just a collection of items to help you achieve the goals.

Think about it like you are preparing to bake a cake.

To make the perfect cake, you need to have all the ingredients. That's when we use the "shopping list" so we don't miss a vital ingredient. The "shopping list" is actually a to-do list in disguise. Just as you list down all the ingredients for the perfect cake, list down what tasks will make your day fruitful and productive.

How it looks in Home Care

DSC's Task management feature includes to-do lists to help support workers in home care and reminds them of the tasks of the day. Moreover, the feature is made simple and easy-to-use so you can streamline your day and manage your tasks with efficiency and productivity.

Checklists Assures You've Done Things Right

In very simple terms, checklists are created to note down how to do things. Checklists narrows down to the detail of a task, so you see it to the end and don't leave it halfway. It focuses on improving the standard of the single task at hand and checks that it is perfectly completed till the end.

Back on the cake analogy, to bake the perfect cake you must follow all the steps to get the deliciously sweet and perfect cake in the end. It won't be the same standard if you skip a few steps or miss an ingredient while baking it. Whether you do it deliberately or forget about it under pressure, the end result will be imperfect. This is what checklists save you from.

How It Looks In Home Care

DSC's checklist feature enables you to finish your tasks flawlessly. Even better, once you check each task, a Progress Note is created for you automatically! Why type one hundred words if you only need to tick the Care Checklist?  Ultimately, it helps you get better at your tasks. It's simple navigation makes it comfortable to use and allows you to be the best at your work.

TL;DR - To put it simply, to-do lists tells you what you have to do and Checklists tells you how to do it.

The DSC app can do both so that you don't have to worry about doing anything wrong.


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