Manage your workforce with rostering & jobs scheduling (one-off & ongoing) equipped with home care end-to-end business workflows.

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Simple + Smart Rostering

Eliminate spreadsheets & rostering headaches. Whether it is for Aged care or NDIS, One-off or ongoing jobs - our solution is equipped with the smart features to make rostering simpler, minimise human errors and stay compliant.

Home Care "Bells and Whistles"

Don’t settle for less - take advantage of our home care specific solution. A modern rostering solution equipped with comprehensive business flows to help you grow your Home Care business. PS: we don’t do restaurants, construction or retail - just Home Care.

Automation that works for you

Looking to take the hassle out of scheduling recurring shifts? DSC can help to eliminate mundane tasks with automated jobs population, validation of mileage claims and more.



Smart Search

Feel confident in getting the best Support Workers to care for your clients.

Our smart algorithm takes into account a range of factors, including past jobs, skills, languages - to recommend a list of support workers suited for your specific requirements. Perfect if you’re not sure where to start. Plus, our handy distance search feature makes it easy to find support workers near your participants.

  • Schedule client’s requests faster
  • Feel confident in getting the best Support Workers to care for your clients
  • Know that you’re doing the best for your clients with Smart Search

Smart Check

Our jobs scheduling is equipped with Smart Check, a series of home care quality & compliance checks to help you minimise human errors. Smart Check can help answer:

  • Does the staff member have a valid Working with Children Check?
  • Is the staff member scheduled on the days that he/she is available?
  • Has the staff member completed the NDIS Working Screening check?

Live Roster

Keep your workforce in the loop wherever they are.  The app notifications are immediate, so you can rely on your team being notified of schedule changes in real-time. With location-based capabilities and minute-level time tracking, you’ll always know the actual time spent in jobs.

  • Track time and location with ease
  • Get rid of manual or paper-based rosters
  • Save time and money by not having Support Workers call in

Staff Lounge

Reduce workload & communication overload for Rostering Officers.

Staff Lounge makes it easy for Rostering Officers to find the best support workers for the job. This innovative online tool enables Rostering Officers to post jobs of interest and allows support workers to self-nominate themselves for a job.

Support Workers can browse jobs according to the date, time, duration, address and service type that they’re interested in - so they can “have a say” on which jobs are best suited for them.

  • Reduced workload for Rostering Officers
  • Reduce communication overload
  • Spend less time manually assigning jobs to Support Workers

Jobs Scheduling

Work more efficiently by automating the process of scheduling shifts.  Our automated schedule population feature will make setting up your roster a breeze.

DSC will automatically schedule shifts ahead by 2 weeks, 1 month, or more.

  • Get a complete visual overview of your roster with both our Calendar and List View
  • Work more efficiently by automating the process of scheduling shifts
  • Spend less time on mundane efforts and more on things that matter most to you

Travel mileage validation

Reduce human error on mileage claims. Google Maps integration ensures that the distance claimed is correct, reducing the chances of human error and improving productivity.  With payroll being one of the most important aspects of any company, pay with confidence knowing that DSC has got your back.

  • You and your team of Home Care professionals will have more time to focus on client care and building relationships
  • Employees can submit claims and expenses on the go
  • Approved timesheet, expenses and reimbursements pushed to your payroll platform

Make Delivering Quality Care Your Priority