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Better preparedness with Hello Video

October 25, 2023
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In an industry that continually evolves, it's crucial to stay ahead with cutting-edge features that make a difference.  We're thrilled to introduce a new feature that promises to improve how you communicate with your support workers - the  Hello Video. This fresh tool allows you to facilitate seamless communication between Case Coordinators, Support Workers, and Clients/Participants.


The Power of Visual Communication

Effective communication is vital. However, written instructions and verbal explanations can sometimes fall short, leading to miscommunication, misunderstandings, or even errors in care service delivery. This is where the  Hello Video comes in.

The  Hello Video feature provides Case Coordinators with the ability to record key aspects of a client's situation, needs, or care plan that they want the support worker to be aware of. This can be particularly beneficial for the support worker's first visit, where they might be unfamiliar with the client or the specifics of their needs.

Introducing the Care Plan with Ease

The  Hello Video feature isn't just about recording visuals. It's about enhancing understanding and facilitating better care. With this feature, Case Coordinators can use the power of video to explain the key aspects of the Care Plan. By visually demonstrating specific tasks or routines, support workers can gain a clearer understanding of what's expected, reducing the chances of confusion or error.

Building a Personal Connection

With the client's consent, the  Hello Video feature can also record a video of the clients introducing themselves. This helps support workers familiarize themselves with the client before their first visit and fosters a more personal connection from the get-go.

Furthermore, the feature can capture certain aspects of the house that the support workers need to be aware of. This might include the layout of the home, the location of necessary supplies, or any areas to be cautious of.

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