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The Key to More Comprehensive Incident Reports

September 02, 2022
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Do you need to quickly and easily attach files or documents to incident reports?
Want to do it on-the-go using a mobile app?

Incident reports are an essential part of being a home care provider.

‚ÄçThey help us identify safety hazards, mitigate risks and reduce harm by making sure your organization's clients get high-quality service from start to finish with every encounter you have as their caregiver! Done well, incident report will also detail any potential errors in order for them not happen again so that no one gets hurt or left behind during the process.


The key to an effective incident report is one where both the details and simplicity of what happened come through clearly. 


"A picture is worth a thousand words".

With our new feature, you'll be able to provide more comprehensive incident reporting by an ability to quickly and easily attach documents, images, and/or files to an incident report.  We've designed this feature to create an efficient attachment of a document to an incident report so that you can upload in any location. This is helpful for NDIS workers who need to have comprehensive information available at any time for the purpose of quality care for their clients. Ensuring that all of the necessary information is available when it's needed most. 


DSC software helps your organisation compliant with the NDIS requirements so that you can focus on providing the best possible care for your clients.

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