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A New Look

March 23, 2022
Blog Posts

As a company, DSC is always improving to make your experience easier and more convenient. We believe our new website is the next step to giving you the information, tools and updates that you need to make Home Care easier!

FREE Resources for Home Care Managers

For current clients who have been using DSC, you will love our "Resources" page that features

  • Blogs Posts- catch up on the latest trends, get a hold of FREE templates or guides for all home care managers
  • Latest Features - stay updated with all the features and tools that'll make your work easier
  • How-To's - so that you can use DSC to it's fullest potential.

Over the next couple of months, you will start to see more resources that you as home care managers and support workers can use.
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Help Desk Widget

Along with these new resources, you'll find contacting us easier using our Help Desk widget!
To access our Help Desk, just click the blue "Contact" button on the bottom right. Here you can directly contact one our team members in DSC to get the answers you need! (look at the image below)

We are so excited for you to explore this new website! This updated design will make it easier for home care managers and service providers to find the resources they need. We hope you find this new look helpful and user-friendly! If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for using DSC!

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