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October 25, 2023
Case Study


About Essential Care

Essential Care is established in 2011 by Jody Langlois and her mum Shelley (now retired}. They started in Aged Care and then moved to also providing NDIS services.

In the years to 2019, the company grew to three office workers and 22 support workers, and were primarily used spreadsheets to manage the business. Sometimes providing services for up to 10 new clients a day (for other care providers}, a lot of time was spent in administration with too much time spent correcting errors.



As the company grow, Essential Care would like to:

  • Spend less time in administration
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Empower care workers
  • Have good support
  • Keep costs to a minimum


  • Find a solution that met the full needs of an NDIS provider
  • Find a company that would listen to their needs, and take action
  • Reduce the number of errors being made in administration
  • Find a solution that was cost effective with integration into both the regulatory and accounting services
  •  Find a company with good support services.


DSC Software was engaged to provide an end-to end solution in early 2020.

The following is the list of business modules:

  • Rostering & scheduling
  • Client & lead management
  • Staff management
  • Mobile app for support workers
  •  Payroll & Invoice
  • Client Connect portal

Since the implementation of DSC Software, EssentialCare are able to

  • Reduced the errors made because there are less keystrokes required to complete a task,
  • Reduced the time to under take the daily scheduling,
  • Taken on new clients, and
  • Done invoicing and payroll much more easily

Why do we use DSC Software?

That's easy to answer
DSC Software's ongoing responsiveness to our requirements, the ease of use and flexibility in their software, and the fact they regularly seek and act on our feedback.

Michael Wilson - Operations Manager



The Future


The future is looking very bright!

Since implementing the DSC Software solution we have increased the number of clients using our services, both NDIS and Aged Care and increased the number of support workers on staff to meet the needs of our growing client base.

Supported by the DSCSoftware solution, we expect this growth in both our client base and the number of support workers on staff to continue well into the future.



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