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How do we grow our client base & services?

October 25, 2023
Case Study


About igKnight

In 2019, Fred David (of Cycle Tours NSW) together with his wife Janet, made the decision their support for the community and formed the company igKnight (pronounced Ignite) to offer the experience of cycling to people with disability.

Since then, igKnight has grown to have over 100 active members, a range of support services and 50 staff.

igKnight offers:

  • Support coordinatin
  • Psycho-social recovery coaching
  • Speech pathology - individual and groups
  • Physiotherapy
  • Level 2 therapy assistants
  • Innovative and personalised community engagement
  • Lessons in bike riding - single cycling or tandem cycling
  • Diverse outdoor activities
  • Daily living skills and transport

igKnight also has the wellbeing of its staff as one of its top priorities and ensures all staff are supported, trained and consulted in any work they conduct.



How do we grow our client base & services but decrease the administrative workload on our team.

How do we do that?

Our challenges were

  • Lots of manual tasks, with some information double & triple handled
  • A need to streamline rostering
  • Make invocing & payroll a lot simpler
  • Help mentors record their notes at the time, not wait until they are back in the office (which could be the next day)
  • Have help with the auditing process



As the company grow, igKnight would like to:

  • Reduce administrative workload
  • Simplify rostering
  • Automate invoicing & payroll
  • Provide effective tools for our mentors to record their notes
  • Simplify the audit process


The Solution

  • DSC Software has resulted in a 60% reduction in administrative workload
  • DSC Software has also worked with us to provide additional improvements in a timely manner to further reduce workload and make our business more efficient
  • They have also always taken onboard our ideas and emerging needs and provides us with short & long-term solutions.
DSC Software are a "dream partner" for us. We feel we are working together, in a partnership.
Since day 1, their software and services have far exceeded what other providers have offered us. When we were looking for new software, we asked every company "Can we talk to your existing clients?" DSC Software is the only who said "Yes"


Why do we use DSC Software?

The DayspringCare team are amazing - Innovative, responsive and supportive. Their product is easy to use and has significantly improved the efficiency of our business.

Lindy Davies, Executive Manager


The Future

The future is looking bright, with plans to continue to grow our client base and our service offerings.

Our goal is to grow by up to 30% in the next financial year.



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