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iOS 15, Support Workers & DSC App

February 24, 2022
Latest Features

We are excited about the release of iOS 15. If you have not updated your device with this latest iOS, go ahead and do it.

On this blog, our team share the top 3 iOS 15 features that we think are useful for Home Care Support Workers.

Reduce Distraction by Focus Mode

iOS 15 introduces Focus, a new way to help users reduce distraction by filtering notifications based on what a user wants to focus on in that moment. You can create & set relevant apps and widgets to match a specific Focus.

Add the "DayspringCare" app and widget to your Work focus. Alternatively, you can create a custom focus, call it "Home Care" and set the DayspringCare app there.

By doing this, you can reduce distractions while you are doing your work.

Copy Text from Pictures (as Progress Notes)

With iOS 15 Live Text feature, you can copy texts from your pictures and paste them as Progress Notes. This is very handy.

Imagine this... You have a printed care plan, post-it notes or printed client report and you want to use some of the text as Progress Notes.

Prior to iOS 15, you need to retype them. Now you can take pics of those notes.

Then on Photos,  simply select the text, copy,  paste it as progress notes on the DayspringCare app.

Give it a go!

New Apple Map

iOS 15 includes a new Apple Map feature with significant improvement on driving experiments. On the DayspringCare app, open the Job details and click the client's address to open Apple Map.

Let us know if you can think of any other iOS 15 features that have been helpful for you.

We would love to hear them!

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