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On-The-Go Updates with the DSC App

May 19, 2022
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Want to make your job a whole lot easier?

This 3 min read will show you how to take off hours of wait time of updating Certificates for Support Workers, possible miscommunication on the Availability of Support Workers and understanding your Support Worker's strengths in just a few clicks.

Here's where it all starts...

Support Workers can Instantly Update Their Own Details

At anytime, at anywhere, Support Workers can access the DSC App to instantly update their own details, including:

  • Certificates
  • Ongoing Availability
  • Skills & Preferences
  • Profile Image

In one update, we've solved three problems that will save your time and make your work easier:

1. Keeping the certificates of Support Workers up to date SHOULDN'T take long. Previously, Support Workers may have to wait hours before they have access to a laptop or desktop to update their details. Or, Support Workers may have to send the revised details to the back-office staff.  

2. Support Workers availability can now be adjusted on their own phones through the DSC App.

3. Support Workers are people who continue to grow their skills and capabilities.

The DSC App lets you instantly adjust and update the staff records with their new acquired skills & languages wherever they are and whenever they want to do it.

Up to Date Staff Details equals more Accurate Rostering

Here's the fact:

More Accurate Staff Details => More Accurate Rostering

This all comes down to our innovative and yet easy-to-use feature - DSC Smart Search.

Smart Search matches your NDIS, aged care clients with the most suitable Support Workers all in a simple search bar.

How? By pairing the needs and requirements of your clients with the best-suited strengths and skills of a Support Worker.

As an illustration; 80-year-old Ana, has trouble with English due to her ethnic background. On top of her language barrier, Ana, has diabetes and dementia - two conditions that require careful monitoring and skilled knowledge to be appropriately taken care of.

With the information of Skills & Languages Support Workers updated through the DSC App, Smart Search matches the best suited Support Worker who can speak Tagalong, and appropriately skilled in caring for patients with diabetes and dementia.

In just a few clicks, and Smart Search can suggest the Support Worker most suitable to Ana.


Support Workers that can update their Certificates, Availability and Skills & Preferences, means that your job can be easier, more streamlined and give better quality care.
This means:

  • Support Workers can swiftly update at any time and anywhere
  • More up-to-date staff means more accurate rostering
  • More up-to-date staff means a more accurate smart search
  • So that your clients are matched with the most suitable Support Workers

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