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DSC Story: Strengthen Client Connection

April 19, 2022
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When you're a Support Worker, every client has different story.

And that's what makes your job so rewarding. You get to help people in all kinds of ways, big and small. But sometimes it can be easy to forget that your clients are real people with their own stories. That's where DSC Story comes in.DSC Story is a new feature that displays essential information about your clients in a story-like presentation. So with just one click on the home page, you can get to know your clients as real people, not just words on a page. And that helps create better human connection and client engagement. So when you start your shift, you won't just know WHAT your job is, but WHO you're caring for.

Stories Improve Human Connection

It's not surprising that people love stories. They are a natural form of communication for humans - from the most basic kid storytelling about his day to watching beautifully designed Pixar movies! Stores on social media work in much the same way as those told at home by parents or friends when we were children - they give insight into their lives and help us feel more connected & authentic. There's a reason why the stories feature on Instagram, Facebook and now Tiktok has become so popular. It's cause it works!

People say that stories have improved their communication with friends and family:

  • 47% of people reported that stories have helped them to be more authentic when communicating with friends and family
  • And 44% say this is because the content disappears in 24 hours.

In an overstimulated world, stories help communicate with friends and family without bombarding them without information by just showing one screen at a time.

DSC Story for Home Care

With a Story-like feature, your Support Workers can feel more connected with their clients. DSC Story will present information about the client in an engaging way, rather than just a list of words on a page or document. Your Support team can have a better quality of care by improving the human connection and client engagement between Support Worker and client.


Stories are important in creating better human connections and improving communication. DSC Story is a feature for any Support Worker looking to improve their communication and connection with their clients. If you're interested in learning more or want a book demo to see how this could work for your business, be sure to contact us or click "Book A Demo" below.

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